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PCCL - Community League

Welcome to the Piney Creek Community League
The mission of Piney Creek Community League is to celebrate and promote community and friendship within Piney Creek by providing activities and events for residents.
The Piney Creek Community League was founded by a diverse group celebrating community and friendship as a way to connect neighbors and support community events. Today we host some of the neighborhoods most attended events!
Our clubs meet both weekly and monthly and harbor a variety of interests throughout the community. We support a safe way to meet like-minded neighbors and have some fun!
Please check out our clubs, events and other ways to get involved on the pages above.
Where do my dues go and how do I Join?
Dues are $15 annually and due by Sept 30th.  You can attend the annual Kick-Off in September to pay or if you would like to join throughout the year, you can contact the treasurer to make arrangements to join us.
At each of our community-wide events, we do accept donations from non-members. However, as a member of the League, you will not be asked for a donation.
Additionally, we host quarterly ‘members-only’ mingle events which allow you to connect with those in other clubs and neighborhoods.
As a member, you’re also free to start your own new club to cater to your interests. Once approved by the Board, you’ll receive help with marketing your club and, where available, seed funding to start up! Become a leader in your community with the Piney Creek Community League!
This year your dues will also help to welcome every new neighbor to the community with a personal face and small welcome gift. We feel it’s important to talk to people as soon as they move in so they know what a great community we have!