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Village Sub-association

The Village at Piney Creek is a quaint neighborhood in the larger subdivision. Located within the highly acclaimed Cherry Creek School System and being adjacent to Indian Ridge Elementary, Laredo Middle School and Smoky Hill High School makes the Village a great place for families.
Residents of The Village are members of the Piney Creek Homeowner's Association which maintains private cul-de-sac drives, and a small private playground / park within filing 7. Residents are also members of the Piney Creek Maintenance Association.
Board of Directors
The Piney Creek Homeowner’s Association is managed by a five member Board of Directors elected to staggered two year terms. Board meetings are held quarterly on the 3rd Wednesday of January, April, July, and October, at 6:30 pm in the Piney Creek Clubhouse.
President Paul Bezdek  
Vice President Carmel Harberg  
Scott Pizer
Craig Grimm
Director-at-large Daming Wang  
Meeting Minutes                                                      
Quarterly BOD Meeting
  Annual Meeting
January 2023      
January 2022 October 2022   2022 Annual
April 2021 August 2021 October 2021   2021 Annual
January 2020 no April meeting July 2020 October 2020  
April 2019 July 2019  
April 2018 July 2018 October 2018  
April 2017 July 2017 October 2017  
2017 Annual (1/17/18)
April 2016 July 2016* October 2016  
2016 Annual (1/18/17)
February 2015 April 2015 July 2015 October 2015  
2015 Annual 1/20/16)
January 2014 April 2014 July 2014* October 2014  
2014 Annual 1/21/15)
January 2013 April 2013 July 2013 October 2013  
January 2012 May 2012 July 2012* October 2012  
2012 Annual (1/16/13)
January 2011 April 2011 July 2011 October 2011   2011 Annual 1/18/12)
*   no meeting due to lack of a quorum
**  pending approval
Property Management Company
The Board of Directors has contracted with Westwind Management Group to perform business and financial services. These services include
  • Managing all accounting and record keeping for the associations
  • Procuring and maintaining adequate liability and hazard insurance
  • Prepare account status letters for title companies
  • Collecting assessments, distribute coupon books, setting up an Authorization Agreement For Direct Deposits (EFT Credits) for the automatic payment of your dues
Governing Documents
Members of the Village HOA are also subject to the governing documents of the Piney Creek Maintenance Association.
Public Disclosure
Colorado law requires that Homeowner Associations disclose certain information to property owners. The full inventory of documents subject to disclosure is maintained on the Westwind Management web site.  The Westwind site is separate from and you must use your account number specific to each Association to logon to the Westwind site. You may find your account number on your assessment coupons or by calling Westwind Management at 303-369-1800.  In addition to the disclosure documents the Westwind site provides access to your account information including payment information.
First time users to the Westwind site, please register here
You will need to register for each association individually for which you are a member - Maintenance, Recreational, Village filing 7.  Each Association has a respective account number in which to access your account information.
2024 Budget 2024 Assessment Notice  
2023 Budget 2023 Assessment Notice  
2022 Budget 2022 Assessment Notice 2022 Audit for year end December 31. 2022
2021 Budget 2021 Assessment Notice
2021 Audit for year end December 31. 2021
2020 Budget 2020 Assessment Notice 2020 Audit for year end December 31. 2020
2019 Budget 2019 Assessment Notice 2019 Audit for year end December 31. 2019
2018 Budget 2018 Assessment Notice 2018 Audit for year end December 31, 2018
2017 Budget 2017 Assessment Notice 2017 Audit for year end December 31, 2017
2016 Budget 2016 Assessment Notice 2016 Audit for year end December 31, 2016
2015 Budget  2015 Assessment Notice 2015 Audit for year end December 31, 2015
2014 Budget 2014 Assessment Notice 2014 Audit for year end December 31, 2014
2013 Budget    
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Amended Collection Policy  effective August 2022