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House Painting

All exterior paint/stain colors must be approved prior to work commencing, including repainting or re-staining of the existing colors. The ACC Committee encourages colors “in earth tones indigenous to the area”.

The Association has a selection of “pre-approved” color schemes for homeowners to review and use, if so desired. Please note that choosing one of these schemes does not guarantee approval. While these are schemes the Committee doesn’t necessarily object to, they will want to ensure the color scheme you select compliments the brick/stone on your home, as well as your roof. They will also want to ensure they proposed color scheme doesn’t closely resemble any of your neighbors’ paint schemes. As such, you will still be required to submit an application and paint swatches for review. You will also still be required to paint a sample of the proposed color scheme on the front of your home (roughly 3’ x 3’ in size) for review by the Committee.
The Clubhouse office has books of suggested paint colors that can be checked out or perused for purposes of selection as part of your application. They are also available for online review at

Extracted from the Piney Creek Community Guidelines (revised 4/1/16), pages 15-16.
Piney Creek Paint Colors
Painted/stained surfaces are a key part of the Piney Creek visual experience and the choice of paint/stain colors is a critical factor in maintaining the harmony of the neighborhoods.  For practical purposes, the ACC defines paint/stain by the way it is used.  There are five general uses:
  1. Paint/stain applied to the main wood or stucco exterior of the home is known as field/base paint/stain.
  2. Paint/stain applied to trim pieces on a home, particularly around doors and windows is referred to as trim paint/stain.
  3. Paint/stain applied to a door and exterior shutters (when applicable) on a home is known as accent paint/stain.
  4. Paint/stain applied to a soffit along the edge of the roof on a home is called roofline paint/stain.
  5. Brick and stone surfaces shall NOT be painted/stained, but left as originally installed.
All exterior paint/stain colors must be approved prior to work commencing, including repainting or re-staining of the existing colors. The ACC Committee encourages colors “in earth tones indigenous to the area”.
Trim must be painted/stained in a color which compliments the base/field color.  Trim color shall not be the same as the base/field color.  Garage doors shall be painted/stained the base/field color of the home unless otherwise approved by the ACC.  [In March 2017 the ACC provided additional clarification of this guideline.   link  ]
Colors which are not approved for use as base/field, include black, red, dark or bright green, purple, orange, pink, most tones of blue and most tones of yellow. These colors are not approved for use as trim either.
Please ensure your colors are approved prior to repainting or re-staining.  Any re-application of an unapproved color represents a new violation and shall be repainted at the homeowner’s expense.
Accent colors outside the range of the earth tone colors, for minor exterior elements (e.g. front door, soffit) may be approved, at the sole discretion of the ACC, on an individual basis.  Submit a minimum of 6”x6” color sample(s) along with one or more photographs which show the architectural style of the house and existing colors. You are also required to paint a swatch, approximately 3’ x 3’ in size, of all proposed colors, on the front of your home for the ACC representatives to see in person, as we are also looking at roof and brick color.
Submit a photograph of the homes directly next door to you for review also.  We do not permit homes adjacent to each other to be the same color.
Vinyl and metal siding are NOT allowed in Piney Creek.

There are no blanket approvals for any exterior addition or alteration to an existing residence at Piney Creek. You must submit an Architectural Improvement Request Form for each addition or change you wish to make. Submissions are judged on their individual merit for your particular house and the surrounding neighborhood.