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Water Wise Landscaping Plans


Pre-approved Plans
The Colorado Senate passed a Water-Wise Landscaping bill (SB23-178) requiring Associations to have 3 “preapproved” water-wise landscape plans available for front yards.  Homeowners can select from these 3 landscape plans, or they can create their own designs that comply with principles of water-wise landscaping. Landscaping changes and additions must be approved by the ACC. If you have questions on this process, please contact the on-site office at
Pre-approved Plans
Q:  Do I need to submit an Architectural Improvement Request for a pre-approved plan?
A:   It is requested that you advise the HOA which one of the preapproved plans you intend to install, where it will be installed (front, side or back yard) and when you expect the installation to be completed.  An email to the Community Manager at is sufficient notice.
Q:  What if I select a pre-approved plan but can’t find one or more of the plants?
A:  If you are unable to purchase one or more of the preapproved plants at a local nursery you may use a substitute plant. The substitute plan shall be the same type (deciduous or evergreen) and similar in size, color, and shape.
Q:  What if I want a substantially different size or shape for my plan?
A:   A plan that is substantially different in size or shape requires the submission and approval of an Architectural Improvement Request.

Additional Resources
Denver Botanic Garden - Free Waterwise Landscape Designs
A lengthy compilation of resources can be found on this site at Water Wise Resources.