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PCCL Clubs


Beer Club
Monthly Happy Hour at local breweries or Restaurants that serve a variety of beers. for more information please contact Dan England
Dan England
Book Club
Due to all the Book lovers in our neighborhood we now have three (3) Book clubs.
Meeting Times and locations
  • 2nd Tuesday of each Month 7 pm, traveling 
  • 3rd Thursday of each month 7pm at the Clubhouse
  • 4th Thursday of each month 10 am, traveling
For picking our books, we have been relying on book club kits' from the library. A member will check out the kit, which includes 10 books. They will bring that kit to the meeting and pass out the books. The members then share these books over the next month - emailing the group when they are done, and passing them around. The books are due back to the group by the next meeting, where the process is repeated again!
Tuesday 7 pm
Thursday 7 pm
Bridge Club
Has it been awhile since you've played bridge? Would you enjoy playing bridge again? How about an afternoon with friends, munchies, and a mental challenge?

Carolee Davis
Bunco Groups are formed when 12 people have signed up. No skill necessary, it's all about luck and spending time with friends!
Cynthia England
Dinner Group
Dinner Group is designed to get to know each other while dining on great food. The Group meets 4 times a year for dinner at the Club House. Menus with recipes are put together around a theme (Oktoberfest, Holiday Celebration, Mardi Gras & Summer Celebration). PCCL Members prepare a dish and contribute a nominal fee (usually $10 per person) to cover the cost of paper products/decorations/drinks. You don't need to be a gourmet cook to participate! You try a new recipe (sometimes they are great & sometimes they are not), experience different food/cuisines & enjoy the evening with your Piney Creek neighbors.
Contact Us
Lorraine Cecil

We knit baby items for charity “Warm Hearts Warm Babies” in addition to our personal projects.
 We meet every Thursday at 10:30 a.m.
Sometimes we have to cancel.  Sometimes we have group outings.
Therefore, anyone who is interested should send me their e-mail to make sure they are informed about additions or cancelations.

Mom's Group
This Group is open to PCCL Members who are moms and enjoy the occasional time away to be with other moms. Each month, a member volunteers to "host", either in their home, at a nearby restaurant, the clubhouse, or by coordinating an activity. The hosting mom selects the date and time, and all members are informed through our Facebook page. 
We host two events each year: The Halloween Tot Party and the Treasure Egg Hunt for children of all ages. We plan these events during our meeting time, but on the off-months, we just enjoy appetizers, desserts, wine, and good company. The mom's group is a great opportunity to get to know other moms in the neighborhood.

We hope you can join us at our next meeting!
Jackie Myers
 PCCL Texas Hold ‘EM Poker Club   
Open to both men and women.  The group meets at the clubhouse the 3rd Friday of the month at between 7:00-7:30 pm and play starts at 7:30 pm.  We play one or two standard Tournament style games per night with a $20 ante per game.  This is a fun social event with the top few players splitting the winnings.   Texas Hold’em is a flop-style game which features five community cards dealt face up on the table – aka, “the board”.  All players can use these to create their strongest five-card poker hand, in conjunction with two private hole cards.  We time and raise the blinds (minimum bets per hand) to keep the excitement and game rolling.  Everyone is welcome to “bring your own drinks and snack to share”.  
Kevin Donovan or Terry Spears
REACH is the Piney Creek Community League's outreach committee that provides opportunities for members to volunteer or to donate to local groups of people in need. Currently, we are focused on two monthly volunteer options and occasional special events needing volunteers. Through the PCCL link, we will also alert members to needs that may be of interest to those who would like to support good work but haven't the time to volunteer.
Linda Kane
Travel Club
Monthly Theme Nights to discuss past and future adventures, travel tips, discounts and much more. Please contact Cynthia England for more information.
Cynthia England
Wine Club
We'll be tasting and rating wines; everyone brings an
appetizer and a favorite wine to share. The Wine Club meets
on the 2nd Saturday of each month at 7:00 pm, rotating
host/hostesses' homes, or at the club
Sue Turner