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PCCL Executive Board

The PCCL Board is responsible for the oversight of the League and the various Clubs & Groups organized for the Members. The Board approves the annual budget, the calendar (quarterly Board meetings, Member Only Events & Community Events).
  • The Board will host several Membership Events throughout the year for our paid members. Notification of upcoming events will be communicated via email.
  • Community Events. The Board selects/drafts Chairperson for the 4th of July Parade & Picnic and the Holiday Lighting Contest (Board Members are welcome to head the 4th of July Parade & Picnic and the Holiday Lighting Contest as they see fit). The Tots Halloween Party & the Treasure Egg Hunt are financially supported by the League, however, the Mom’s Group hosts both events. At least one member of the PCCL Board must be present at all Community Events.
  • Proposed Quarterly Board Meetings 2016/2017 Fiscal Year
    • Oct 11th 2016, 7 pm
    • Jan 10th 2017, 7 pm
    • April 11th 2017, 7 pm
    • Aug 8th 2017, 7 pm
The president creates the agenda for the Quarterly Board Meetings and presides over the meeting. She is responsible for Club House reservations for Member Events that are free to all paid Members (Kick -Off & Holiday Celebration). The president reviews all requests to create a new club / group & presents the ideas to the Board for approval. The president creates a preliminary annual budget for the Board’s approval. The president submits League news & information for the Piney Creek Chronicle.

Barbara McCabe
Vice President
The vice president shall preside in the absence of the President and shall perform all other duties pertaining to that office. She shall be Program Chairman, and be responsible for all general meeting programs

Donna Constantine

The Treasurer maintains all financial records for the League (income & expenses). The Treasurer maintains a “Membership Roster” (name, address & area, phone number, email & clubs). The Treasurer sends Membership updates to the Communications Officer as necessary. The Treasurer maintains the League Budget (income/expense per event).
Marcia Gordon

16151 E Dorado Pl
Centennial, CO 80015
*Make checks payable to PCCL

The secretary records the minutes of each Quarterly Board Meeting. The Secretary creates the Quarterly Newsletter and submits it to the Communications Officer for distribution.
Tom Vockrodt

The Communications Officer maintains an email address data base for all paid Members. The Communications Officer distributes information for League Events (including: Events that are free to paid Members, & Community Events. The Communications Officer is the liaison between PCCL & the Piney Creek website manager.

Alexandra Kellen

Member at Large