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PCCL Executive Board


The PCCL Executive Board is responsible for the oversight of the leagues various clubs and community events. The Executive Board also approves the annual budget and calendar.

PCCL Quarterly Board Meetings 2018/2019 year are as follows.  All Members are welcome to attend the PCCL Business Meeting. If you have a suggestion or concern, this is an opportunity for you to help shape the League. Come share your thoughts!

    • Oct 9th 2018, 7pm
    • Jan 8th 2019, 7pm
    • April 9th 2019, 7pm
    • Aug 13th 2019, 7pm

The President shall preside at all meetings of the Piney Creek Community League. Such officer shall be an ex-officio member of all committees and shall receive due notice of all such committee meetings.  The President shall act as Chairman of the Executive Board and all special meetings when necessary or desirable. The President shall serve as the League's Representative for the Piney Creek HOA.

Jeri Wolf –

Vice President
The Vice President shall preside in the absence of the President and shall perform all other duties pertaining to that office.

Darlene Bianchi -

The Treasurer is responsible for the receipt and disbursement of all monies of the League, including regular and special events.  The Treasurer shall submit a financial report for acceptance at each Executive Board and general meeting and submit an annual financial report to the membership at the August annual meeting.

Barbara McCabe -

Secretary & Communications
The Secretary shall record minutes of all general meetings of the Piney Creek Community League and of the Executive Board.  The Secretary shall report to the general membership all recommendations of the Executive Board.  The Secretary shall keep on file approved Minutes, a copy of the by-laws and all amendment to the by-laws. The Secretary shall present a summary report of the part year's activities at the September Kick-off Meeting.

The Communication Officer is responsible for distributing event reminders, and all notifications via email to the general membership. The Officer will also post any pertinent information on the Piney Creek Website. The Officer may create the League article for the Chronicle (published on a quarterly basis). The Officer shall keep a roster of the Piney Creek Community League Members and supply Executive Board Members and Club Chair’s with current additions.

Heather Scott –

Members-at-Large - Marcia Gordon, Alexandra Kellen, Monique Brenno, Daphne Rothstein, Marie Shipper

By-Laws Rev Apr 2018