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Swimming Pool Update 6/22
Hello Piney Creek residents,
Thank you all for your participation in using the pool reservations system. The feedback from many of you indicates it seems to be working well, though there is some confusion that hopefully is cleared up in the FAQs below. We appreciate your patience while we are working within the state’s Safer at Home guidelines to get access to the pool for as many residents as possible.
For help with the reservation system send email to  Questions about waivers should be sent to the community manager at
Last minute walk-ups at the pool gate
Many residents have inquired about showing up at the pool to take advantage of unused reservation slots and the impact on reservations they previously made under the rules. Sometimes there are a few slots that aren’t reserved, or a group arrives with fewer than on the reservation. They staff is aware of this and will allow people to enter up the limit. The following process is being implemented for walk-ups.
  1. Show up at the pool gate at the desired time.
  2. Everyone with a reservation will be let in first.
  3. Let the staff know you are there without a reservation and would like to enter if slots are available.
  4. If slots are available, you will be asked to make a reservation from your phone, and will be allowed to enter. We rely on reservations to keep track of how busy the pool is.
  5. Last-minute reservations at the gate are in addition to and WILL NOT take away from or impact the number of advance reservations allowed under the current rules.
Wader Pool
Limits for the wader pool were put in place but have been deemed unnecessary and have been removed.
  • Please cancel your reservation if you are unable to use it so others may use your slots.
  • Please make no more than 2 reservations in a consecutive 7-day period, and no more than one a day. While the current reservation system is not capable of enforcing this limit, reservations are being monitored for voluntary compliance, and some of you may have received a friendly reminder email. Feedback from those has revealed some confusion about the interpretation of 7-day period which is addressed in the FAQs below.
  • When making a reservation please make sure you use the drop-down arrow on the Quantity field to pick the total number of people in your party. This is the number of slots you are reserving. The number is parenthesis on the signup next to your name is the number of slots you reserved. If that number is less than your group size everyone in your group may not be allowed to enter the pool. Some groups may arrive with less than the number on their reservation and the staff will do their best to accommodate your group within the 44 person limit.
I am confused about 2 reservations in a 7-day period. Is that Sunday to Saturday, a rolling 7 days or something else?
It is any consecutive 7-days. For example, 6/22 – 6/28, 6/23 – 6/29, 6/24 – 6/30, etc.
Is that per person or per household?
Per household.
When do reservations open for another day?
At midnight. The calendar will display the current day plus the following 7 days.
I am having trouble canceling or modifying a reservation.
Locate the confirmation email you received shortly after making the reservation. Click on the “edit My Sign Up” link at the bottom.  That will open your reservation. The reminder email does NOT have links to your specific reservation.
Consider registering on SignUpGenius for a provide a better user experience when viewing the calendar and reservations for a specific day.
How do I save my information, so I don’t have to enter it every time I make a reservation?
Register on SignUpGenius. You can use an email address and password, or login via Facebook credentials. When you make a reservation, you will see a check box asking to save your information. You should only need to check it once.
Is there a reason to register on SignUpGenius?
Yes, you will have a better user experience.
  • Returning users who login will not have to re-enter all of their information.
  • The top-level calendar will display “Edit” for the days you have reservations which facilitates editing or canceling a reservation.
  • When viewing the reservations for a particular day you will see icons next to your name to edit or cancel a reservation.
  • You might find the free version useful to organize church, scouting, family reunion, or other group events.
We have a nanny to care for our children, can they bring the children to the pool?
Yes, and they must have a waiver on file showing your address.
What about safety breaks?
In prior years safety breaks occurred every two hours and the pool was cleared or 15 minutes. Under the reservation system the breaks are part of the 30-minute period open swim times, and will have no impact on swimmers.
Thank you,
Piney Creek HOA Board of directors,