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ACC Update – Garage Doors
Recently, the ACC made some decisions regarding allowable colors of garage doors, of which everyone should be aware. The ACC believes that these decisions/clarifications detailed below will benefit the community as a whole by maintaining the intended appearance and harmony of the community, and the intended color schemes for the style of homes in the community, and continuing to protect property values within the community.
Garage Doors – The Community Guidelines state that garage doors shall be painted/stained the base/field/body color of the home, unless otherwise approved by the ACC.  In recent years, the ACC has allowed homeowners to paint their garage doors the trim color of their homes, if so requested. The ACC has now determined, however, that this variation is detracting from the community and is not in line with the intended appearance and harmony of the community. As such, moving forward, the ACC will require all garage doors to be the body color of the home. The only exceptions to this requirement will be as follows:
  • Stained Homes – For those homeowners that have stained cedar siding, garage doors must still be stained to match the home, if they are made of wood. If the garage doors have been replaced and upgraded to steel doors or other similar material, it is not possible to stain the doors and, therefore, not possible to obtain an exact color match to the base/body of the home. In these cases, the ACC will consider allowing the garage doors to be painted the trim color or a color that closely matches the body color. Whether or not a color is a close enough match to the body of the home will be determined at the discretion of the ACC.
  • All Brick Homes – There are a small handful of homes in the community, most of which are located in The Estates, and one or two of which are located in The Upper Knolls, that either have no siding at all, or have no siding on the front of the home and the side of the home the garage doors are located on. For these homes, the ACC will require the garage doors to be painted the trim color, as it is the only visible color on these homes.
What does this mean for you? If you have previously been approved to replace and/or repaint your garage doors using your trim color, you will not be required to repaint them at this time. The next time, however, your garage doors or home require repainting or you choose to repaint, or you replace your garage doors, you will be required to paint your garage doors the body color of your home, unless your home meets one of the two rare exceptions noted above.
If you have any questions regarding this decision, please feel free to contact the Onsite Community Manager at (303) 699-8069 or via email at
Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation!