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Vehicle information extracted from the Piney Creek Community Guidelines (revised 4/1/16), page 11.
Driveway information extracted from the Piney Creek Community Guidelines (revised 4/1/16), page 20.
Vehicle Storage
Only non-commercial automobiles with four wheels or street legal motorcycles shall be parked in the street or in any driveway. You may not park an automobile on a non-paved surface, regardless of where that surface is – including your backyard or side yard.

All other vehicles, such as recreational vehicles (RVs), jet skis, ATVs, motorcycles, boats, campers, hauling trucks, trailers, commercial vehicles (any vehicle displaying business advertising, any vehicle marketed or sold as a commercial vehicle, and any vehicle containing commercial equipment racks, or ladder racks), etc., shall be kept inside the garage at all times or stored in a commercial facility outside of the Piney Creek community.

No vehicles of any kind shall be repaired or rebuilt on Piney Creek property, streets, or driveways. Such activities shall be confined to the enclosed garage or done outside of the community. Only ordinary maintenance and washing, requiring less than one day, may be conducted in the driveway
No modifications to driveways are allowed except under extraordinary circumstances brought to the attention of the ACC for approval.  Notwithstanding such circumstances, in no case shall the width of the driveway at the curb be widened.  Any widening inbound of the curb shall be smoothly transitioned back to the curb.

There are no blanket approvals for any exterior addition or alteration to an existing residence at Piney Creek. You must submit an Architectural Improvement Request Form for each addition or change you wish to make. Submissions are judged on their individual merit for your particular house and the surrounding neighborhood.