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Fences & Screening

Piney Creek Fence Guidelines   - includes construction specifications
Fence Stain - allowable color and where to buy

The Association Wants to Help
Need a picket? Our fencing guidelines require a flat-top style of picket vs the more commonly available dog-eared style. To help homeowners who need just a picket or two for a repair, the Association will  provide up to 5 pre-stained pickets. Contact the Community Manager at the clubhouse.
Stain - The Association will provide a small quantity of the approved Piney Creek fence stain to homeowners who need to stain over graffiti or replace/repair fence pickets on privately owned fences. The stain is available in a one-quart container, limit one quart per homeowner. Contact the Community Manager at the clubhouse.
Discounts on Stain
Home Depot - Homeowners in associations managed by Westwind Management can receive a discount on Behr products at Home Depot under the Behr Pro Rewards program. The discount is based on the Westwind volume and will be a minimum of 10%. Contact the Community Manager for the discount code.
Sherwin-Williams (17100 E Smoky Hill Rd) - Offers Piney Creek residents a 10% discount. So don’t forget to let them know you are a Piney Creek resident.

Extracted from the Piney Creek Community Guidelines (revised 4/1/16), page 20.
Permitted Types
All perimeter (lot line) fencing shall be of the approved cedar fencing type and stain only. The approved fencing style is that of the perimeter fence bordering the common area throughout the property, including staining thereof. The side of the fence, viewable from the street, shall be known as the “street side”. The street side shall consist of a top rail and a bottom rail facing the street. This detail is listed in the fencing specifications, as “street side”. The "rear view", as designated in the fence specifications, is the side that faces your interior backyard.
All other fences, such as interior fencing to enclose patios, screen trash receptacles, support arbors, etc., shall be of a type, finish, color, etc., compatible with the approved perimeter fencing type and the building architecture. Chain link, barbed wire and concrete block fencing are NOT allowed. (The Village filing 2 has unique fencing types, different from the rest of Piney Creek, and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, depending on location.)
No fences shall be constructed in front yards. No fencing shall be installed in such a way that it blocks established drainage ways, or interferes with lines of traffic sight per The Covenants.

Additional information including fence construction details can be found in the document titled
All cedar fencing in Piney Creek visible from the street or common areas shall be stained appropriate color(s). Approvable fence stain colors for all fencing in Piney Creek can be found in the document titled 
Fences with chipped, peeling, or otherwise damaged stain, and fences with faded stain, including stain that has faded into a different hue, will require re-staining in their entirety.
Who is responsible for fence maintenance?
- Perimeter Fences
In general, fences that border common areas of the community are maintained by either the Piney Creek Maintenance Association, Inc. or the Piney Creek Recreational Association, Inc. This maintenance includes the repair and/or replacement of lumber and the staining of the common area side of the fence. In some cases, repairs and/or replacement of lumber can be limited by landscape conditions in the homeowners yard. Homeowners are expected to create adequate access for repairs and/or maintenance. Fences which border the school properties (or any other property which is not owned or maintained by the Associations) are the responsibility of the lot owner to maintain. 
The Community Manager can provide clarification regarding specific areas maintained by the HOA or are the responsibility of the homeowner.
- Lot Line Fences
Lot line fencing between neighbors is the responsibility of those neighbors.
To determine responsibility for maintenance and painting of lot line fencing, the ACC will employ the concept of “beneficial ownership”. The homeowner who benefits from the enclosure or segregation of an area of their property by lot line fencing is responsible for maintenance of BOTH sides of the fence. Although homeowners with a common property line fence dividing their property, and enclosing their yards, may choose to share costs of fence maintenance and painting, or divide responsibilities, the ACC will hold the homeowner(s) who derive the primary benefit from the fence accountable for ensuring the fence is maintained in accordance with Piney Creek standards.
Neither the Piney Creek Maintenance Association, Inc. nor the Piney Creek Recreational Association, Inc. are aware of specific details regarding shared fencing between neighbors. Neighbors are encouraged to negotiate their responsibility for private lot line fencing amongst themselves.

There are no blanket approvals for any exterior addition or alteration to an existing residence at Piney Creek. You must submit an Architectural Improvement Request Form for each addition or change you wish to make. Submissions are judged on their individual merit for your particular house and the surrounding neighborhood.