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The Piney Creek Clubhouse is a very active component of the Piney Creek community. It is used by Piney Creek youth groups, recreation groups, the Piney Creek Board of Directors, Piney Creek Committees, and of course by the residents. The clubhouse offers a large multi-purpose room and kitchen facilities for adult use.
The clubhouse is available for use by members in good standing of the Piney Creek Recreational Association, Inc. It is available for private parties, banquets, luncheons and meetings. Use of the clubhouse for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.
A calendar has been created to help residents determine availability. Please note:
  1. Reservations can not be made using this calendar. All reservations are made by phone or email as described in the Reservation Procedure.
  2. This calendar is provided for residents to see if a particular date and time that has been reserved. There is no guarantee that a date and time shown as available will actually be available when you request a reservation.
  3. This calendar is not the same calendar the community manager uses to track reservations. Therefore, it is possible that discrepancies may occur, the two calendars may not be perfectly synchronized, or there may be a delay in updating this calendar.
Reservations are made on a first come first served basis. Reservations for the clubhouse may be made not less than five (5) days in advance of the activity and not more than forty-five (45) days in advance.
Several date calculators are available to determine 1) the first date a reservation can be made by subtracting 45 from the date you want the reserve the clubhouse, 2) the date that is 45 days from today.
Date calculator #1 (requires MS Excel)
A security deposit of $600.00 is required. There are currently no additional charges for using the clubhouse.